Meet the Team

The tool we use to make our homeowner interactions better

Let's take a deep dive into the world of Quality Assurance, the team responsible for ensuring Valon's exceptional service.

Who is Valon: Alex, Chief Compliance Officer

We're so excited to continue our “Who is Valon?” series by welcoming Alex, our new Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel. She has a lot to say about her background and what she hopes for Valon's future in compliance.

Who is Valon: Vib, Software Engineer

Today, we’re profiling Vib, a software engineer on the Escrow team who joined Valon over a year after his interview. Read all about his amazing story!

Who is Valon: Ming, VP of Product

We’re so excited to introduce Ming, our brand new VP of Product. Ming brings along years of fintech experience and a passion for product management. Get to know more about his background and vision!

Who is Valon: David, Tech Lead Manager

Meet David, the Tech Lead Manager of both Valon’s Delinquency and Investor Reporting teams. He's an early member of the company who has a lot to say about servicing, startups, and beyond!

Who Is Valon: Jim and Lonnie, Security Team

Get to know the superstars of Valon’s Trust & Security team, Jim and Lonnie, and learn how they keep Valon safe and secure!

Who is Valon: Ting, Head of Design

In the third installment of our "Who is Valon" series we explored the incredible experience and ambitions of our head designer, Ting-ai Marin. Learn all about her story!