Thoughts & Ideas

Black Families and Home Ownership

Have you heard of New York’s Harlem River Houses? Learn all about their historical significance!

LGBTQ Home Ownership

In honor of Pride Month, we wanted to share some statistics, milestones, and interesting facts about the home ownership journey through the lens of the LGBTQ community.

Reducing Monthly Payments

Our mission is to be a partner to the homeowners we serve—whether they're up to date on mortgage payments or experiencing financial hardship. We wanted to share an example of our team providing customer service that brings our mission to life.

The Legacy of the Fair Housing Act

In honor of Fair Housing Month, we're going over the history of the Fair Housing Act and exploring the legacy of this important piece of legislation, including how current events and government initiatives can impact servicing and lending.

Women and Home Ownership

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re exploring historical legislation that impacted women, how it played a role in home ownership, and why championing homeowners is a mission rooted in equality.

More Than Money: The Cost of Mortgage Servicing

Mortgage servicing is a big job that comes with a fair share of risks. Lenders who do their own mortgage servicing must be diligent about the details. They must stay up to date on ever-changing regulations.

Being a “Homeowner-First” Mortgage Servicer in 2020

​In the mortgaging industry, the homeowner should be the utmost priority. Good service is about more than avoiding negative experiences.