Solving Problems

The tool we use to make our homeowner interactions better

Let's take a deep dive into the world of Quality Assurance, the team responsible for ensuring Valon's exceptional service.

Tackling Financial Literacy

We often get questions from potential candidates about the unique challenges we’re trying to solve at Valon. Up until now, we’ve generally answered them with high level actions.

Are we all on the same team?

Joining a startup means putting a lot of trust in its founders. Incentive alignment is an essential building block in building that trust—let's discuss.

Wait so what do I own?

Let’s talk about what you might get from working at a startup—from ISOs to other forms of equity—and what questions to ask when considering an offer.

Introducing "Startup Gotchas"

We're kicking off our “gotcha” series—a transparent guide highlighting all of the things we think you should watch out for when considering a job opportunity at a startup (including Valon!).

How to Improve the Mortgage Servicing Experience

All mortgage servicers want their homeowners to have a pleasant experience working with them. Today's homeowners aren't impressed by the mortgage experience of 20 years ago—they want access to everything at their fingertips.