Inside Valon

Building an office culture with Internal Operations

Go behind the scenes with Internal Operations team and find out what it takes to build and maintain Valon’s company culture.

Sam Breck and working in Delinquency

Meet Sam, one of our product managers within Delinquency! Read his story and explore the world of collections, product development, and operations.

Bringing in phenomenal talent with our People team

What does it take to build a company full of amazing people? There's so much that goes into it, but we've highlighted the key parts of our philosophy. Learn more about our People team's story.

Building a best-in-class customer experience with Sarah Kanna

Our Head of Client Experience, Sarah Kanna, is taking our company to the next level. Learn all about Valon's customer service philosophy and be inspired by a passionate and people-centric individual!

Who is Valon: Cara, Head of Loan Admin

Get to know our Head of Loan Admin, Cara! From her interests in people management to business operations, she'll breakdown everything you need to know about her role and vision.

Who is Valon: Alex, Chief Compliance Officer

We're so excited to continue our “Who is Valon?” series by welcoming Alex, our new Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel. She has a lot to say about her background and what she hopes for Valon's future in compliance.

Who is Valon: Vib, Software Engineer

Today, we’re profiling Vib, a software engineer on the Escrow team who joined Valon over a year after his interview. Read all about his amazing story!