Valon works from abroad...

Find out what Valeria and Nethra have been up to on their work from abroad travels!

Inside Valon
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Valon's 2022 in Review
Reflecting on 2022, Valon’s biggest year to date, and the wins, progress, and learnings that came with it.
What I’d say to an aspiring PM…
In this thoughtful piece, Allison Kuo delves into what it takes to become a PM.
Spending time with Kurtis
If you want to know more about our Director of Engineering, read more about Kurtis’ story here!

Thoughts & Ideas

Black Families and Home Ownership
Have you heard of New York’s Harlem River Houses? Learn all about their historical significance!
LGBTQ Home Ownership
In honor of Pride Month, we wanted to share some statistics, milestones, and interesting facts about the home ownership journey through the lens of the LGBTQ community.
Reducing Monthly Payments
Our mission is to be a partner to the homeowners we serve—whether they're up to date on mortgage payments or experiencing financial hardship. We wanted to share an example of our team providing customer service that brings our mission to life.
Solving Problems
The tool we use to make our homeowner interactions better
Let's take a deep dive into the world of Quality Assurance, the team responsible for ensuring Valon's exceptional service.
Tackling Financial Literacy
We often get questions from potential candidates about the unique challenges we’re trying to solve at Valon. Up until now, we’ve generally answered them with high level actions.
Are we all on the same team?
Joining a startup means putting a lot of trust in its founders. Incentive alignment is an essential building block in building that trust—let's discuss.
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